Interesting Bingo Facts That You Would Want To Know

Bingo is a very popular card game that is preferred by a lot of people all around the world. Because of this bingo craze now, you have sites that offer you to play bingo online. When the craze is so high, why not learn some interesting facts about the game?

Interesting Facts about Bingo

These are some the lesser known facts about bingo which you would want to know.

  • Bingo originated in Italy and is developed from the Italian national lottery game which is known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’italia.
  • More than three million people are hooked on to the game of bingo in the UK.
  • The total amount of prize money that has been distributed by the National Bingo Game is more than 1 billion pounds.
  • Around 1800s bingo cards were used by Germans as an educational tool. They used bingo cards to make students learn the multiplication tables.

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  • A salesman from New York named Edwin S.Lowe along with Carl Leffler who was a mathematics professor at the University of Columbia invented around 6000 combinations of bingo cards with.
  • Rumour has it that Carl Leffler went insane after inventing 6000 different combinations of bingo cards.
  • In the UK, bingo cards are also known as ‘’
  • The bingo cards used in the UK differs from the ones used in the US.
  • According to statistics, Americans spend something around 90 million dollars every week on playing bingo cards.
  • DIY bingo cards are basically customizable bingo cards where you can put your own images and make number combinations according to your wish.
  • The game of bingo is known to have positive effects on improving the cognitive abilities of a person.

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