How to know when your child needs therapy

At times you might notice some behavioral changes in your child. Most times it could be just some adjustment issues at school or growing pains. Most kids grow out of it and you might need to just give them time. But at times this can become serious and your child might need some professional help. Please do visit for some more tips on how you can tackle such problems.

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How to know when you should seek help –

  • If your child is having some kind of eating disorder with which you are not able to help with; then it is time to get help. Else this could lead to serious health problems. You could try asking Sage Recovery and Wellness Center for some advice.
  • Some kind of mental illnesses can run in the family. If your family has something of this kind, you need to keep a watch on your kid and act promptly if you find anything amiss.
  • You might come across a situation when your child has cut or hurt themselves. This is quite normal for small kids, but when you realize that your child is purposely hurting themselves, you need to seek help fast.

In what situations can you wait?

Certain life events can create problems and can contribute to the normal functioning of your child. It is just a matter of time and once your child adjusts he/she should be fine. For example – if you are going through a divorce, you have had another baby, you need to move or change schools. All these events can bring in some changes in a child’s behavior and can often become better with time. You will need to wait and watch.

This being said, you need to go with your parental instincts and seek help if you think this has been going on for too long or if the child is giving you reason to worry too much. Check with Sage Recovery Austin. They should be able to guide you.