Foundation for Defense of Democracies: The Non Biased Media That One Needs

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies or the FDD is a public policy think tank working in the political fields of the United States which aims at putting together reports that are important for national security and country’s welfare. Though, it not completely right to classify the Foundation for Defense of Democracies as a media house, but itis steadily growing into such non-partisan reporter which is quite hard to find these days.

  • FDD and its functioning

The FDD claims itself to be non-profit organization and doesn’t associate itself to any of the political parties in the country. The major focus is always upon the national security and foreign policies and the reports published largely focus upon the pros and cons of the issues that are at that particular time concerning the United States.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

The FDD holds a lot of meetings throughout the year at different corners of the country with an aim to circle upon the major concerns of the country and what the people and leading minds of the States think about such issues. The meetings help the FDD to move forward in the right direction as to what the concerned citizens of the country want to know.

  • Ideology and Works

The thinkers at The Foundation for Defense of Democracies believe that there shouldn’t be any discrimination of people based on any basis and no one should be denied the basic human rights including freedom of religion, speech and assembly.

It is believed that every democratic country has a right to defend itself and if attacked, other countries should come forward in order to help and support them in every manner. And the FDD has worked and analyzed quite a bit on USA’s stance upon countries like Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, etc. The works have always been non-biased and helped the American citizens to establish a non-partisan view.