Don’t Just Keep You Fingers Crossed! Use Tricks in Crossword!

Since first publication of first crossword in 1913, there has been mounting interest of people in this type of puzzle that a creator of this puzzle had never thought. In just over a century crossword puzzles have become craze of millions of people making many of them addict of this puzzle. The development of computer technology resulted in frequent creation of crossword puzzles for crossword fans and intellectuals who are interested in complex type of crosswords. The mounting interest of crossword fans inspired scammers to create new games copied from original creations. Cryptic crosswords that make use of cluing technique based more on fun and wordplay than on real skill and knowledge have also found their place in crossword world. The available clues in these crosswords appear intimidating at first look, but the basic principles are pretty simple and crossword puzzle answers can be easily traced.

crossword puzzle answers

The easy way of crossword puzzle

Playing crossword not only needs reasoning and vocabulary skill but tricks also help in finding the correct word or phrase. Always start working with number one in the ‘down’ list and finish as many in the first attempt. Then proceed with top left completing all intersecting words in completed answers. One thing should be kept in mind that crossword puzzles often use words with plenty of vowels. Make use of pencil and high lighter to mark top of the searched word. You can make use of paper to make word search. With use of computers it has become easy to find presence of specific word or phrase swiftly on MS Word document. Use of computer can make crossword solving easy in many ways by providing word options for given clues. You can take help of free online crossword puzzle solver to search right answers for your clues.

Winning strategy in crossword quiz

Crossword puzzles are clue- based brain developing puzzles and with lot of practice and tricks you can make winning strategy with most correct crossword quiz answers in a short time.